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Course notes

To facilitate the transition from high school to university, your professors in mathematics have created this brush-up course, where you can practise some of the skills we expect you to have learnt in high school.

Unlike many other courses at the university, mathematics is a topic you have had throughout your entire education up until now, and we therefore expect you to have mastered certain foundational skills that we can further build on. A solid understanding of numbers, fractions, algebra, equations, and functions is therefore important to ensure a good start to your university education.

The brush-up course is centred around quizzes in different topics, which you can use to practise your skills. In case you have difficulty with any of the quizzes, we have written small texts with example solutions to help you get started. If, however, you have no problems answering a given quiz, then you can skip these texts.

Your answers in the quizzes are completely anonymous, but in order for you to be able to track your progress when you revisit the brush-up course, your browser saves a cookie from the home page. As long as you do not delete this cookie, you are automatically logged in when you revisit the course. If you do delete the cookie, or if you want to open the home page in a different browser, or on a different computer, phone, tablet, etc., then you will need the token that was created when you created your account. You can find this token by clicking your username in the upper right corner and select "show token". Please save your token somewhere, so that you can log in again if your cookie is deleted.

We strongly encourage you to work through all the quizzes as soon as possible and complete the brush-up course within the first week of the semester. If you realise later in the semester that you have problems with numbers, fractions, algebra, etc., then you can return to the brush-up course and practise the specific parts you need again. Your user account will remain active throughout the first year of your studies, as long as you have your token.

We look forward to meeting you at Aarhus BSS!

Mikkel Bennedsen, Carsten Andersen, & Dan M√łnster